RECAP | SEMINAR: Learning Method & Goal Setting by Daniel Tran
Thứ Ba, 16-10 2018

In our efforts of providing the new batch of students (K44) with the tools and guidelines to survive the next 4 years in college as well as to map out a detailed plan for their career development after graduation, last Thursday (October 11), we invited Mr. Daniel Anh Tuan Tran – Founder of Connection Coach & Founder of Nhà Mình to hold a workshop about Goal Setting & Learning Method. Daniel has a Master’s degree in Training & Development; and is now serving many roles as a NLP Therapeutic Coach, Life Coach, Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

The workshop was organised in two sessions – morning and afternoon – to make sure all students could join regardless their school schedules. During the workshop, our students were given various questions about themselves and their objectives to trigger more in-depth thoughts on the path they would choose in life. The highlights of the workshop is practical models that students can use to achieve their life goals and to develop effective learning methods to maximise their academic capabilities.