Thứ Ba, 10-04 2018

The role includes:

-          Design a digital marketing strategy, that should probably include (you can recommend to adjust the following):

o   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

o   Email campaigns

o   Creating a buzz on the Internet:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other Vietnam-related social media
  • Blogs

o   Coordinating the posting of content

-          Objectives of the digital marketing campaign are:

o   Content related objectives:

  • Identify 10 Linked-In groups that are related to data analytics
  • Post on each Linked In group on a daily basis
  • Create 1 facebook page
  • 1 post to the facebook page per day
  • Post 1 new white paper to the Aufinia website per week
  • Attend 1 conference/ networking meeting per week (chamber of commerce meetings, etc. )
  • At each conference obtain 10 business cards from potential customers (must be from companies that are not our competitors, ie not from Deloitte, etc. but from Intel, Hieneken, etc.)
  • Increase the customer database by 20 new contacts per week
  • Target contacts are:

o   CEO, CFO, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Internal Control, Head of purchasing, Head of Logistics, Head of Sales

o   Results related objectives:

  • 1 Vietnam-based breakfast meeting with 10 attendees from big foreign companies with operations in Vietnam (in order to discuss the utility of executive dashboards. For this, you may co-ordinate with our contact,  president of the French chamber of commerce and GM of Aden Vietnam, in order to get some help organizing it)
  • 1 Vietnam-based Qlik training event (with 20 attendees from big foreign companies)
  • 2 new direct clients in offshore market (for example, Sony, Total and Carrefour are our direct-clients)
  • 1 new partner in offshore market that is linked to holding companies investing in Vietnam (with a view to helping that organization control their Vietnam investments)
  • 1 sale of ACL software within Vietnam or China (we are resellers of ACL software)


-          Salary considerations

o   8 million VND per month for full-time internship

o   10% bonus for 1st year of revenue won on any customer that is new to Aufinia and that you introduce to Aufinia

  • Note: Aufinia will make you sign an agreement that you cannot share any of the bonus with potential clients in order to help the sale


-          Training:

o   Aufinia has a relationship with University Information Technology in HCMC – you may attend courses that I give in order to understand what we do

o   If you are interested in working with Aufinia after your internship, you may learn the following whilst at Aufinia (but not during working hours – because you won’t have enough time):

  • SAP – main tables and fields
  • SQL – understand the queries that we have written for Sony
  • ACL – complete ACL trainings that we have written, as well as the standard ACL trainings
  • QLIK – understand the QLIK dashboards that we are making for Sony and how to create them
  • Business Process/ accounting knowledge – we don’t currently have any training on this
  • Read the fraud prevention and detection manual
  • Read the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) exam material

-          Career perspective

o   After 1 or 2 years at Aufinia you would be able to apply to Big 4 audit firms if you want to work for a bigger company, or

o   You could be put on a full-time project for one of our main clients, such as Sony, ...

o   You can become a senior consultant, working on our adhoc projects and managing the interns coming from UIT

o   If you learn ACL, you can also become an ACL trainer