CAREER ORIENTATION SERIES: The Art of Resume - How To Conquer the Competitive Job Market?
Thứ Hai, 07-01 2019

Have you tried putting together your resume? How many hours have you invested in choosing the template, the words, they key points to make sure your resume stand out in the eyes of the recruiters?

Or even, do you think you've got the best resume for that job you're aiming to get?

The job market sure is competitive; with at least 3,000 graduates for every cohort at UEH & ISB alone. Your resume is like the entrance ticket to land that one interview - in which you will be offered a chance to impress the employers and showcase to them the talented YOU.

We are delighted to bring to you the long-awaited workshop, "The Art of Resume: How to Conquer the Competitive Job Market" - delivered by a highly experienced resume consultant, Ms. Truong-Anh Nguyen.
Date & Time: 17:30 to 19:30, Wednesday 16 January 2019
Location: Room I.201

Speaker's Profile:
Truong-Anh has lived & studied in Vietnam, USA, France, and Italy. She is a former fintech product specialist, currently a Foundation startup lead. She's been involved in Marine Insurance, Branding, Financial Technology, Education; and is the key contact that many professionals have reached out to when it comes to polishing their resumes. She is also the co-founder of ADX Consulting, an online service provider that has been helping a lot of students build up and improve their job applications, including resume.

Her advise for competitive job hunters: "When in doubt, keep going through it. There will be light."
Deadline to register is 17:00 Saturday 12 January 2019. 
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