RECAP | CAREER ORIENTATION SERIES: The Art of Resume - How to Conquer the Competitive Job Market
Thứ Ba, 22-01 2019

No one has a resume that they are 100% comfortable with, nor does anyone have a life that they are 100% comfortable with.
- Jay Baruchel
In tandem with a series of soft skills seminars & workshops, ISB Leadership Program is striving to upgrade its Career Orientation Series so that students have a more insightful & reliable source of knowledge from industry partners with relevant career paths.
Last Wednesday – Wednesday 16 January, we had the pleasure to welcome Nguyen Bao Truong Anh, currently the Lead of IEG Foundation. Truong Anh was here to guide our students through the step-by-step of building an impressive resume. With an extensive background in resume & career consultation both as a freelancer and a co-founder at ADX Consulting, Truong Anh pointed out the key differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) that often got mixed up. She also took time to revise each student’s resume beforehand; then allowed them to fix the resume on their own.
To close up such an informative session, Truong Anh gave some crucial advices on interviewing skills and how our students could impress future employers. We sure noticed that some students were quite relieved upon walking out the door at the end of the seminar – knowing that some of their big questions about career development were answered.
Stay tuned for the next Career Orientation sesh!