RECAP | CAREER ORIENTATION SERIES: Marketing from the Insiders' Perspectives
Thứ Hai, 11-02 2019

If you want to continuously learn about different things, marketing is a field in which you can learn different knowledge every single day.
- Ms. Huynh Ba Chan Nhu, Managing Director cum Head of Market Research (Milestones Vietnam)
Shall us freshen up after a long holiday break with the key takeaways from 2-weeks-ago’s Career Orientation seminar #2, Marketing from the Insiders’ Perspectives. On January 24, we had the honour to welcome three guest speakers with extensive experience in three distinct functions of Marketing:
Marketing Research: Ms. Huynh Ba Chan Nhu, Managing Director cum Head of Market Research (Milestones Vietnam)
Creative Agency & Media: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tien, Digital Manager (Mindshare Vietnam)
Client: Mr. Bui Do Dat, Senior Executive (CJ E&M Vietnam)
Even more delighting, all three guest speakers are, indeed, ISB-ers. Ms. Huynh Ba Chan Nhu has been a lecturer at ISB for 9++ years; whilst Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tien is a currently ISB MBA Talent student and Mr. Bui Do Dat is an alumnus of ISB BBUS Bacth 01.

Our guest speakers pointed some crucial bullet points that students would have to carry in their mind pocket all the time in order to start building a successful career in Marketing (or any other fields):
  1. Flexibility
  2. Adaptability
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Visualisation of ideas
  5. Communication across various channels via different types of languages
  6. Sales (or at least basic knowledge about sales)
The guests took turn to answer some of the frequently asked questions, from the most sought-after expertise and skills that one needed to equip (i.e. how to flirt with your clients) to detailed job descriptions and tasks required for each Marketing function. Our speakers also shared their personal career development stories, in hopes that they could somehow inspire and encourage ISB students who were already in Marketing or those who would love to explore the field.
The Career Orientation Series will continue next week with a session in Finance & Financial Services. Stay tuned!