Monday, 28-05 2018

In early 2018, ISB has been honoured to receive an official accreditation by CPA Australia (Certified Practising Accountants Australia) – One of the largest and most respected professional accounting bodies in the world. With the recognition of CPA Australia, the soon-to-be graduates of ISB’s Bachelor Talented Program would be eligible directly for Professional level consisting of 6 subjects (because of being granted for a full exemption of 6 Foundation Level subjects) when they undertake the CPA Program provided by CPA Australia. Up to date, only three programs of the local’s leading universities in Vietnam, including BBA Program of  UEH-ISB, have been accredited by CPA Australia.
To the graduates in the majors of Finance, Accounting, and Auditing, etc., undertaking an internationally-recognised professional qualification program like the CPA Program and holding any global designations as CPA (Aust.) plays an important role in their career development pathway and success. With the global CPA (Aust.) designation for strategic business leaders, these graduates can create an advantage plus of applying for the first jobs in multi-national companies and getting job promotion with a higher pay in their career life. Becoming a qualified-CPA/CA of international accounting - finance bodies in generally, and CPA Australia in particularly is a challenging, but rewarding experience in everybody’s career life. They are required to successfully complete the full program, normally built in two levels and gain three-year professional experience; and even satisfy the requirement of recognized-degree holder ruled by CPA Australia.
Therefore, the accreditation of CPA Australia is a milestone which clearly demonstrates tremendous improvements in ISB programs’ quality. Alongside with it, the ISB’s soon-to-be graduates and students who are undertaking the Talented Program of ISB (the Accredited Program of CPA Australia) will have more competitive advantages in job searching and employability.
To remark it, UEH-ISB and CPA Australia co-organized an Accredited Program Announcement Ceremony + Networking with CPA and ASA (Aust.) Members on Thursday, May 24th 2018 at A.103 University Hall – UEH Campus A, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3. Attending the ceremony, ISB was pleased to welcome the presence of delegates and special guests: Professor Hoai Nguyen, Vice President of University of Economics Ho Chi minh City; Mr. Minh Phan, Vice Dean Of The ISB & Dean Of The International Languages And Country Studies Institute (ILACS); Ms. Thao Tran, Academic Director of the ISB; and Ms. Thu Phan, Research Director of the ISB. On the CPA Australia's side CPA Australia’s Employer Partners and Members, ISB was honored to welcome Mr. Ng Eng Wan FCPA (Aust.), Entrepreneur & Vice Chairman of South Vietnam Advisory Committee; Mr. Tuan Lam, Senior Business Development Manager; Mr. Hoang Tran, Business Development Manager; Mr. Anh Phan, HR Manager of Deloitte Vietnam; Ms. Yen Dao, Senior Audit of Deloitte Vietnam, Mr. Phi Nguyen CPA (Aust.), Director of VietOS; Ms. Dung Nguyen CPA (Aust.), Taxation Manager of VietOS; and Mr. Thuc Lam CPA (Aust.), Finance & Office Manager of New Zealand Consulate – General in HCMC.
UEH-ISB will continuously and sustainably develop and improve our programs in order to meet international standards in terms of education & training quality. Through excellence of governance, facility management and student services UEH-ISB works to create a more professional, open-minded and friendly learning environment different from the traditional environments in Vietnam.
Q&A Session:
Q: For an employer’s perspective, what are differences between who has CPA and who does not?
A: Whether you have a CPA or not, it is not the most important key to choose you for the job. However, when considering two people for only one position, one who has CPA will have more potential to be hired since CPA shows certain skills that one is able to have, such as time management. One more thing is that CPA is the recognition from global and it does speak for your trying and working.
Q: Why do we need to know about recruitment time?
A: Since we need to know exactly how much time we have to prepare carefully for the interview as well as has a detailed plan for what we need to do.
Q: Do we need to study CPA early?
A: Anytime that you feel suitable or being strongly supported, it depends on your choice and your career path.
Q: Should we take qualifications early?
A: As soon as possible, so that we can always be ready for applying and challenging as well as opportunities.
Q: What are advantages and disadvantages of two tests of CPA?
A: They both have advantages and disadvantages, it depends on your choices and your career path.
Q: What is the difference between career and job?
A: Job is to take care of your stomach, career is the long-term vision.