Wednesday, 13-06 2018

After 1 month, the Business Challenge 2018 had received a lot of attention from students from different universities in Ho Chi Minh City with more than 1,000 students took part in the First Round of the competition. The GALA night finally took place on the evening of Saturday, June 9th, 2018 with the warm support and applause of participants from many universities in Ho Chi Minh City.


Despite the bad weather outside the hall A.103, L.O.M band heats up the atmosphere with their amazing performances. After that, our TOP 10 contestants came on the stage and started the first challenge of the Final Round: DEBATE.

The DEBATE Round was held with a new and interesting format: Each pair will have 10 minutes to debate on the topic. As follows:
Each contestant will take the turn to have 3 minutes to state the argument of their side. Then, each contestant will take the turn to have 1 minute to ask questions of the opponent. Finally, each contestant will take the turn to protect themselves by answering the question for the opponent in 1 minute. After the DEBATE, the judges give their choices immediately. The atmosphere was exploding when the name of the winner is called and there was some disappointment from the losing side.

After the DEBATE round the 10 luckiest audience member won pairs of movie tickets through the draw minigame while our TOP 5 candidates took a short break to get ready for the final battle: CASE STUDY. It’s time for the champion to come to the light. Obviously, the atmosphere was more stressful not only for the candidates but also for the audiences. One case for 5 students, the one with the most brilliant solution will become the Champion. However, they just had 1 minute to come up with the answer and 3 minutes to present it to our judges. This is the round for the students to express their excellent time management, critical thinking, flexibility and fast brainstorming. And finally, after nearly 30 minutes for the round 2, TOP 5 finally finished their job and waited for the result.

While waiting for the final result from our judges, the atmosphere was lightened by three sweet and beautiful songs: “Ong ba anh”, “Toi gi phai cuoi” and “Nguoi ta va anh” performed by Le Thien Hieu. Thanks to our talented singer for his presence and outstanding performances.

And after all, the judges finally announced the Champion of Business Challenge 2018 - Wings of Glory. Congratulations to Chau Hoang Long, a student from Banking Universities, who has become the owner of this “Wings of Glory”.


And this is the Final results of the Business Challenge 2018 - Wings of glory:

  • The Champion: Châu Hoàng Long - 5,000,000 VND (in cash), 100% scholarship for CFAB degree course of ICAEW certificate, and opportunity to participate in ICAEW Regional Business Challenge 2019.

  • The 1st Runner-up: Ngô Thiên Thanh và Nguyễn Thế Minh Quang 3,000,000 VND (in cash), and 50% scholarship for CFAB degree course of ICAEW certificate.

  • The 2nd Runner-up: Lê Nhược Quân và  Lương Thu Phương - 1,000,000 VND (in cash), and 50% scholarship for CFAB degree course of ICAEW certificate.

On behalf of the organizers, we appreciate and thank ICAEW very much for your support. We also thank International School of Business and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city for giving us a chance to organize and be a part of this journey. Thank you very much and hope we would have further cooperation in the future.

In addition, Business Challenge 2018 - Wings of the Glory has fortunately won the attention of the leading newspapers in Vietnam.

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Let's review the wonderful moments in the Gala Night through a news in Ho Chi Minh Television - HTV9: