SolBridge Seminar- Internationalization of Higher Education
Friday, 17-02 2017

With an aim to help students understand the importance of enhancing  global knowledge as well as understanding the challenges and strategies of becoming a global citizen, a seminar with the theme "Internationalization of Higher Education" was hosted by International School of Business (ISB) in collaboration with SolBridge International School of Business - Woosong University on February 15th 2017.
The seminar took place in an energetic and exciting atmosphere before being hosted by the guest speaker- Mr. Iskandar Yuldashev - who has great depth in international education.
With his broad knowledge and experience, Mr. Iskandar shared with students helpful and crucial information about the importance of training themselves to become global citizens. From cross-culture communication to global-standard knowledge, skills and attitude were also mentioned.
The mini case study in regarding to cultural differences between Vietnam and multinational countries afterwards allow students to experience many practical skills, such as teamwork, critical thinking as well as valuable public speaking skill. This is one of the spotlight of the event that day, which brought unforgettable memories for students, even give them new friends.
The seminar in a cheerful mood which left a lot of emotion in students who attended the seminar. Thank you Mr. Iskandar Yuldashev and it is hoped that the relationship between ISB and SolBridge International School of Business - Woosong University become more and more strengthen in the future.