SEMINAR FROM UQAM (CANADA) "Competing On Resources: Source of Competitive Advantage"
Friday, 03-03 2017

On March 1st 2017, Masters and Bachelors students from UEH- ISB have had such an impressive seminar presented by Prof. Andrew Papadopoulos from Université Du Québec À Montréal – UQAM (CANADA) with the topic of: "Competing On Resources: Source Of Competitive Advantage"
All participants were totally amazed and inspired by the sharing of Prof. Andrew.
Having experienced an International learning style - a knowledgeable professor of a prestigious University in Canada, all participants have learned more about strategic thinking, using the based resources and lots of  interesting knowledge also. Especially, he has mentioned the advantages of “being the first” situation. “Being the first does not mean that you win the whole game. Winning the game is the person who does well with what he or she has.”
Another highlight point of the seminar is the Group Discussing session. Who would know that you can make many kinds of towers with A4 paper, sticker, plastic bottles, chairs and boxes? With the aim of utilizing advantage of the current resources, the challenge taught participants how to use own resources to differentiate products compared to competitors.