Wednesday, 29-03 2017

This is a great for you opportunity to travel and study in Finland – one of the countries with high ranking educational system. Especially, your living costs will be covered by the scholarship from Erasmus funding with ~ 2,850 euros/ 1 student. 

Exchange period: Fall semester (End August to Mid-December/ 2017).
  • Benefits:
    • Tuition fees at host University: waived (students only need to pay tuition fees at the Home university and voluntary student union fees- 60 euros)
    • Receive scholarship from Erasmus funding to cover living expenses: ~ 2,850 euros/ 1 student
    • Experience professional studying environment at UTA (Finland) 
  • Accommodation: Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) apartments, cost is around 300 e/month including everything (water, electricity, internet)
  • Admission deadline: April 30th, 2017 deadline 
  • Eligibility:
    • Suitable academic background (business, administration, politics) 
    • Language skills (B2-level) 
    • Motivation to study in Finland
  • Admission documents: 
    • Statement of Purpose (max. 2 pages)
Describe why and what you want to study at the University of Tampere. Write about your knowledge in the subjects you have taken in your previous studies with reference to the studies you apply for. Write about your objectives at the University of Tampere and your goals after your study period in Tampere. Provide any further information that you feel may be relevant to your application. (Max. 7000 characters)
  • Official transcript of your university records, i.e. issued by your home university
  • Proof of knowledge of English according to the language requirements of UTA. (not required from Erasmus students)
  • One passport-sized photo
  • A copy of your passport if you are a prospective exchange student who needs an invitation from our University to obtain a residence permit (e.g. Russia, Ukraine)
  • Participants: BBUS & MBUS Students 
  • Application Process
    • Round 1: Application form (Deadline 2/4/2017)
    • Round 2: Case-study Presentation
      • Choose 5 bachelor students and 5 master students.
      • Give the students a case and 5 days (5-10/4/2017) to submit 
      • Present the case with PowerPoint slides: 12-14/4/2017
    • Round 3: Announcement and Prepare documents 
      • Announcement: 19/4/2017
      • Prepare documents: 20-25/4/2017