Thursday, 13-12 2018

After more than a month, YOUTH FORUM ON ECONOMICS 2018 has attracted a lot of students’ attention from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City with around 1,500 registered accounts. In the afternoon of December 7th, at room A.103, the final competition was held under the air of excitement.

At the beginning of the gala night, there was an interesting music performance from L.O.M club to welcome all the judges, guests, contestants, and audiences. It was our pleasure to have our talented judges:

  • Mr. Mikael Knudsen, ISB Lecturer, Business Development Manager of Khang Nam Trading Import Export Co. LTD.

  • Ms. Huong Dinh - Public Affairs and Communications Manager – Head Office & South, CocaCola Vietnam.

  • Mr. Dang Khoa, Management Trainee of Public Affairs & Communication, FrieslandCampina Vietnam.

After the music performance, the meeting-hall was transformed into a formal and intense space where the first part of the contest - “Fast and the Furious” was held to choose the TOP 10 contestants for entering the second part - “War of Words”.

In the rest time after Fast and the Furious stage, there was a minigame for the audiences to create a warm and funny friendship for everyone in the room. Then, the TOP 10  were divided into two teams - Supporting and Opposing. The two teams had to make a debate to protect their opinions and ideas as well as experienced many intense challenges from judgments and audiences. Finally, the Supporting Team became the winner to assess the next part of the night.

The very final 5 entered the individual contest - “Q&A”. 5 candidates drew randomly to choose their questioner - who are three strict judges “TSJ” (as Miss Huong Dinh said - Coca-Cola’s delegate). After surviving and coming over many challenges from TSJ, three best candidates had been selected and honored in front of the admiration of many people.


On behalf of UEH-ISB, we are very pleased to announce and congratulate:

  • The Champion of this year - Nguyen Manh Tien (DH42ISB03),
  • The First Runner-Up - Vo Kim Quy (DH44ISB02),
  • The Second Runner-Up - Tran Phuong Quyen (DH43ISB03).


Finally, we would like to quote a meaningful sentence of Ms. HUONG DINH - “You only fail when you allow yourself to fail”.


Thank you for all of your support for Youth Forum On Economics 2018.