RECAP | REI Business Seminar 12 - 13/11/2018
Monday, 10-12 2018

We, along with School of Foreign Language for Economics, were excited to bring back a series of the most expected seminars of the year - REI Business Seminar. Last November, our guest instructors came all the way from the States to enrich UEH & ISB students with knowledge and skills in time & project management, as well as personal development tools to understand how different personality traits contribute to our everyday social engagement through (3) seminars:
  1. November 12 - "I Have a New Project: Where Do I Begin?" - Janet Kang
  2. November 13 (AM) - "Mastering Time Management" - Merrily Madero
  3. November 13 (PM) - Know Who You Are and What It Means (MBTI 101) - Cheryl Meredith
The students, indeed, had a fantastic and enriching time at the seminars. They were also given effective tools to use in class as well as everyday lives. The seminar series not only were tailored to educate the students but also marked the long-established partnership between UEH-ISB and REI Corp. We are definitely looking forward to organizing even more captivating seminars next year!