RECAP | Google Digital 4.0 Workshops 05/11 - 03/12
Monday, 10-12 2018

In the age of Digital 4.0, it is crucial to be updated with all the know-hows to keep up with the rest of the world. The way businesses function and how information is well spread is changing rapidly; should we not be concerned, we’ll be stuck way behind.
That is why we partnered with RSVP to deliver to our students a series of collaborated workshop called “Google Digital 4.0” -- aiming to provide them with the foundation knowledge and tools to become a 4.0 tech-savvy. The series consisted of:
  1. November 05 – Strategic Communications Campaign
  2. November 26 – How to Create Your Own Website
  3. December 3 – How to Improve Corporate Presence on Google
These workshops were delivered by instructors coming from successful businesses; those that were adept at waltzing their ways into the digital world. Google Digital 4.0 is a nonprofit series that aims to equip the young generations with up-to-date knowledge & skills. We hope to continue to organize even better seminars like this on campus for all ISB students.