Monday, 16-07 2018

With the aim to provide for ISB students some basic knowledge about table manners. the Seminar Buisness Manner had been held in the last evening July 4, partly give the students needed skills to be more confident whenever going to a certain party. 
Welcome Mr. Viet Vuong Tran, Master of Personal and Professional Development - lecturer from Hoa Sen University. With more than 10 years of experience in professional management in the industry, he guided us from theory to practice in a detailed way, sharing his real stories, making the seminar not only an academic seminar but also a place for students to exchange and raise the point of view.
At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Vuong gave a devoted instructions of all steps from the beginning of the invitation to leaving the table. How to communicate, which topics should and should not tell partners as well as costumes and dressing. Then, he continued to teach the students some basic skills such as how to pull the chair, how to fold the napkin in a subtle and polite manner, even how to put bags for women so that it is not entangled and convenient for moving. All the students are very enthusiastic and interested to hear the knowledge that they first heard. The teacher kept leading the seminar with the most important content: the arrangement and using of each type of items placed on the table. Indispensably, that is the way we eat appetizer, the main meal as well as dessert to show our courtesy and luxury. Besides, he also shared more about how to behave with partners and investors on the table.
In addition, the seminar also gives the students the opportunity to practice on the spot. They can practice the use of knives, forks and glasses and apply immediately the knowledge they have just learned.
The seminar was held successfully with the participation of more than 50 ISB students and giving more skills on how to behave in a business party - a necessary skill that is essential and important for the future leaders.
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