Wednesday, 03-10 2018

With the aim to support and develop talented individuals in an international environment, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City - International School of Business has jointly organized the MBA Talent 2018 competition with partner, Western Sydney University (Australia), ranked in the top 2% of global best universities. The competition has given young talents an opportunity to challenge themselves in rounds of competency assessments and practical interviews, set by representatives from top multinational corporations and Western Sydney University. Following the success of the previous years, MBA Talent 2018 model is in accordance with international competition standards. The awards for the best candidates are full and partial scholarships for the MBA program offered by Western Sydney University, with a total value up to $450,000.
The MBA Talent 2018 differs from traditional academic contests and seeks to move beyond specialized knowledge, towards a broader, interdisciplinary scope. The comprehensive stages of talent selection are conducted and assessed completely in English so that candidates can demonstrate their abilities at within the international context. Selection criteria are determined by Western Sydney University as well as the participating multinational companies. This collaborative approach works to ensure the top quality of the final selected candidates.
MBA Talent 2018 has successfully attracted participants nationwide from leading multinational corporations present in Vietnam. After two months of close competition, we have selected more than 30 outstanding candidates to receive the scholarships for the prestigious MBA program at Western Sydney University.
To recognize the talented candidates’ achievement and the long-standing partnership between UEH-ISB and our valuable partners, the MBA Talent Opening Ceremony was held Novotel Saigon Center on October 2, 2018. We had the honor to welcome the distinguished professors and lecturers from UEH-ISB and Western Sydney University, along with the successful candidates and the management of leading enterprises such as Suntory Pepsico, KPMG Limited, GroupM, CapitaLand, FrieslandCampina, etc. Additionally, the ceremony was an opportunity to reconnect with the legacy generations of MBA Talent alumni.
Overall, MBA Talent 2018 has been a success with a streamlined administrative process, that placed emphasis on transparency and professionalism. Importantly, the competition challenges have allowed the contestants to present their talents and accomplishments at a national level. The awarded scholarships may be considered our contribution to the talented young generations and a commmitment to support their development in the future.