Wednesday, 07-02 2018

ISB Spring Volunteering Activities is one of the biggest annual activities in spring of ISB. This year, 2018, ISB Youth Union has conducted volunteer activities for students to participate with a special activity – cooking sticky-rice cakes, and numerous meaningful acts that give caring material and spiritual life for the poor, the people in remote area, especially the children in Thach Tri, Go Cong Commune, Tien Giang Province.
ISB Spring Volunteering Activities 2018 took place on February 3rd and 4th 2018 with more than 100 students from all batches.
At the beginning of the day, our ISB students gathered at ISB campus from 05:00 AM to prepare and be transferred to Tien Giang Province. They were taught to wrap the sticky-rice cakes by the local people. For some students, especially the exchange students, this is the first time for them make the traditional cakes of Vietnam in Lunar New Year. After a working-hard morning, 300 sticky-rice cakes for poor inhabitants and children were ready to be cooked.
In the afternoon of the 1st day, our volunteers organized an attractive and joyful playground for more than 300 students form the Thach Tri Primary and Secondary School. With various multiplayer games, teambuilding and traditional games, the children enjoyed the New Year atmosphere and were extremely happy.
Moreover, ISB students held a mini show for the children and natives, including musical performances, emotional drama and dancing. On the show, there was a part of giving the scholarship for 21 students that gain remarkable grades despite their poor conditions. With the support and participation of the representatives of the local government, the boards of directors of Thach Tri Primary and Secondary schools, and the parents, the show concluded with a great success!
The 2nd day of the campaign, students were divided into many groups to visit the underpriviledged familes and the heroic Vietnamese mothers to present them the sticky-rice cakes as well as send them the best wishes for a new year.
It can be said that ISB Spring Volunteering Activities, along with others volunteer activities, not only helps students self-train their personality and morality but also creates chances for students to apply their knowledge in to reality, approach closer and closer to the real life related to their study majors, through which students are motivated to be more creative and interesting in their study.