Thursday, 15-03 2018


On a sunny Wednesday morning, ISB students had started Deloitte company tour at the Time Square building. We are all very excited to visit one of the Big Four. Clock ticked and here we went. ISB student were welcomed friendly by everyone. The beautiful and professional furniture were so impressive that no one could not keep watching around.

Mrs Xuân, Deloitte’s manager, showed ISB students around. She was very delicated to introduce one by one office and explain each of departments. Mrs Xuân listened considerably about what ISB students felt about Deloitte. We had nice small talks, then we tried coffee and tea at canteen of Deloitte.
Next is the share from ISB’s alumni, Miss Ngân. Miss Ngân's showup brought a lot of excitement to ISB students. She shared about how she has become an intern of Deloitte as well as experience and difficulties. Miss Ngân told carefully about each part of internship competition which is about to happen. Many interesting questions were asked and discussed. Miss Ngân quickly become spotlight and inspiration for ISB students.
Follow up is the talk from experts of Deloitte. Mr Tuấn Anh Mrs Ngân shared about their work in Tax and Audit. Mr Tuấn Anh with his charming smile and attractive speech, he received a lot of attentions from ISB students. Through his professional talking, we could recognize how much he devoted himself for Audict and how Deloitte helped create a career for people. Mr Tuấn Anh also politely wished to meet ISB students in the soonest time.  
Continuely is the funny speaking from Mrs Ngân. She started the speech with a joke about channel 14, which made people feel more relaxed and connected. Then Mrs Ngân spoke into her field, Tax, a part that lots of students wanted to listen. She told clearly each part and shared almost of her experience with wishes to meet ISB students soon.
At the end of the tour, we took a big photo together. Everyone smiled as large as possible to keep the beautiful memory at Deloitte. Deloitte also gave little lovely gifts for ISB students which are note books, glass bottles and straps. The tour was so satisfactory that everyone was still energetic and discussed on the way home.
On behalf of ISB Youth Union, we would like to express our graitude to Deloitte for spending their precious time to share the working tips and guide our lovely students. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities for students in UEH-ISB to visit and learn more about Tax and Audit.