[ISBGAVEL] GAVEL ARENA 2018 – Public Speaking Competition
Wednesday, 20-06 2018

1. Purposes
  • Creating meaningful activities for gaveliers and high schools students.
  • Providing opportunity for high school students to practice English and learn about Public Speaking.
  • Getting more high school students involved in the project.
  • Promoting image of ISB and ISB Gavel project.
  • Making ISB Gavel more interesting for students to participate.
2. Content
  • Event: GAVEL ARENA - Public Speaking Competition – BUZZ YOUR SUMMER
  • Time: 16/06/2018 – 30/08/2018
  • Participants: students of all high school and secondary school in Viet Nam (including grade 12 students who have just completed National exam)
  • 1st prize: 5,000,000 VNĐ and Western Sydney Bachelor Program 50% scholarship
  • 2nd prize: 3,000,000 VNĐ and Scholarships from sponsors
  • 3rd prize: 1,000,000 VNĐ and Scholarships from sponsors (two prizes)
ROUND 1 - Audition:
  • Each contestant delivers a 3-minute speech in front of 4 coaches.
  • The speech includes:
  • -An introduction about the contestant (1 minute): They will have to give a brief introduction about themselves and 1 special thing about them that  they want people to know.
  • -Deliver a speech (2 minutes): they are free to choose their own topics.
ROUND 2 - Viral Video:
In this Round, each contestant will deliver a prepared speech which will be filmed.
Session 1: Team Building Day: Amazing race
Session 2: Mentoring: The candidates will learn how to develop a proper speech’s content and performing techniques.
Session 3: Professional speech: Each contestant delivers a 4-to-5–minute  speech that they have prepared in the Training section 2.
Session 1: Gavel Parliamentary Debate & Lincoln-Douglas Debate Training
Session 2: Table Topic Training:
Session 3: Gala Finale
  • Sub-Round 1: A Gavel Parliamentary Debate: Giving 28 candidates who are not chosen in the second round a chance to change the result.  Result: 2 best candidates will continue the competition with the top 8.
  • Sub-Round 2: Table Topics Contest: 8 + 2 final chosen contestants will receive a topic prepared by organizers and picked by audience. Contestant have 2 minutes to answer the question. Result: 4 best contestants to the last round
  • Sub-Round 3: Lincoln-Douglas Debate contest: There will be 3 debates. Top 4 will be randomly divided into 2 pairs. Each Pair will be put in a debate: 2 contestants will debate with each other’s and then the Judges will choose the better one. 2 chosen ones will go to the last round and the Judges will choose one of them to be the Champion.
Judging: During the speech, Judges will observe and visually give 1 point when he/she find a good saying in the speech. The winner is the one who has the most points.